Eco-Friendly Roofing Options

Choosing Sprinklers For The Area You Need To Water

Choosing sprinklers for your home is not as easy as going down to the home improvement store and choosing the least expensive sprinklers you can find. Instead, you have to carefully measure the space you have to cover and then choose sprinklers that will effectively cover that area. 

Constant-Spray Nozzles

If you have small areas to cover—under fifteen feet—then you don't need a head that sprays any farther. Heads that overspray the area they should cover waste water and can create hard-water stains on buildings and vehicles. Constant-spray nozzles will let out a continuous stream of water that will cover any area from four to fifteen feet. These nozzles are the best for small areas. 

Impact Heads

An impact head will use the force of the water leaving the nozzle to move an arm, which in turn moves the gears in the head. These gears turn the head back and forth so that the single stream of water emitted by the head can be used to cover a large area. While the design of these heads is effective, it is an older design. Impact heads tend to wear out more often than newer heads, but they can still be used to water large areas.

Rotary Heads

A rotary head has internal gears, so they cannot be as easily damaged by outside forces. Rotary nozzles  can cover a distance from twenty to forty feet. Thus, using only a few rotary heads will cover an area that would take a large number of constant-spray heads. 

Measuring Your Yard for Sprinkler Heads

The best way to measure your yard for heads is to use a measuring wheel. However, if you have a small yard, you can probably get away with using a construction-grade measuring tape. The tape will not be as convenient as the measuring wheel, but you can still get your measurements. Whatever method you use, you need to make sure that you get an accurate measurement so that you can draw up a good plan for your system and get the right number and type of heads. 

Sprinkler installation can free your from a summer's worth of slavery to your yard. An automated sprinkler system will make sure that your yard gets the right amount of water whether you are around to apply the water or not. However, a sprinkler system is only as good as its design and components. The key to a reliable, effective sprinkler system starts with careful measurement, design, and selection of sprinkler heads.