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Five Quick Kitchen Improvements To Make A Strong Impression

Remodeling a kitchen is often necessary after years of regular use, but it can also be expensive and take months to complete. If your kitchen looks shabby but you are not ready to plunge into a full remodeling project, there are steps you can take to dramatically improve your kitchen's appearance in the meantime. Talk to a professional home improvement company to begin implementing these quick and budget-friendly renovations. 

Update Lighting

Nothing can make a kitchen appear smaller and dingier than dim, unflattering lighting. Emphasize natural light from windows and use bulbs and lamps that give off bright, white light to make your whole kitchen space feel larger, airier and cleaner than ever before. If you don't have enough light sources to adequately illuminate the room, consider installing more overhead fixtures to free up space as well. 

Refinish Cabinets

Cabinets are some of the most visible furniture in a kitchen, but they also see extensive wear and tear on a daily basis. While you may not notice the gradual accumulation of scrapes and dings, they can add up over time and diminish the overall atmosphere of your kitchen. A quick refinishing of these cabinets is all it can take to lift the mood of the entire room and is also an opportunity to coordinate them with new paint or appliances. 

Incorporate Organic Accents

Besides being beautiful, houseplants are also useful for creating a relaxed, inviting atmosphere in your kitchen. Several studies have found that indoor plants improve productivity, blood pressure and stress after just five minutes of exposure, and they can help reduce the noise given off by appliances. Keeping a few plants on a windowsill or counter top is an easy way to brighten up your kitchen with almost no additional work or expense.

Coordinate Fixtures and Appliances

Finally, many households acquire new appliances one at a time by replacing old ones as they break. Although practical, this can eventually lead to a mismatched kitchen full of appliances of all different colors, materials and styles. Even if you cannot purchase a whole new set of appliances all at once, begin buying with a specific style in mind. Matched fixtures and appliances give the impression that you have carefully planned your kitchen's appearance and are disciplined enough to stick to a particular design scheme.

Add Shelves and Storage

Most families can always use more storage in their kitchen, but adding new cabinets is time-consuming and could overcrowd your walls. Shelves are smaller and less obtrusive, and they also give you an opportunity to display fine dishware, mementos and other decorations. You should be able to put in most shelves on your own, but if you are concerned about stability, placement and longevity, don't hesitate to call in the assistance of home design experts, like Home Exteriors Of Fayetteville, for further advice.