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3 Ways To Prevent Black Mold Growth In Your Bathroom

Black mold is the worst type of mold you can find in your home; not only is it difficult to get rid of, but it can be dangerous to your health, causing respiratory problems, skin problems, and even death (in some cases). Because mold tends to grow and thrive in moist, humid environments, household bathrooms are a common place to find black mold. Fortunately, there are a few steps that all homeowners can follow to prevent the need for mold remediation in their bathrooms.

Control Indoor Humidity

Simply put, mold needs high levels of humidity in order to grow; during the summer months, your indoor humidity should ideally not exceed 60%, whereas humidity levels should hover between 25%-40% during the winter. There are many ways to control humidity in your bathroom. For starters, if you have a window in your bathroom and live in a dry climate, you could simply open your bathroom window while you shower or run hot water in the space.

If you live in a humid climate, keep windows shut and run your home's HVAC while you shower. You can also install a relative humidity meter on your home's HVAC system to help monitor and control indoor humidity.

Upgrade or Install Ventilation

Another key to preventing mold growth in your bathroom is having adequate ventilation. After all, steam that forms in the air when you shower or run hot water needs somewhere to escape; otherwise, it'll eventually condensate on the surfaces of your bathroom and contribute to mold growth. If the ventilation fan in your bathroom is more than a decade old, consider replacing it (or upgrading its motor) to provide better ventilation while you shower. If your bathroom doesn't have a ventilation fan, having one professionally installed is a must.

Manually Remove Excess Moisture

Even with a running ventilation fan and steady indoor humidity levels, mold may still find a way to grow in your bathroom if there's excess moisture of any kind. Therefore, you may want to consider towel drying bathroom surfaces after you shower, such as sinks, walls, and floors.

You may also choose to squeegee glass shower doors or shower walls to remove any leftover moisture. Yes, this will take a few minutes of your time and may not be very convenient, but taking the time to manually remove excess moisture is a great way to prevent black mold growth in your bathroom.