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Learn How To Customize Your Garden Tub With Paint

If you have a beautiful garden tub in your bathroom, you already know how elegant and unique it can be. You can give your tub even more character by painting it. You can create a delicate design on the exterior of the tub quickly and easily with the following guide.

Choose a Design

You need to choose a design that you think would be beautiful if it were painted on the outer edge of your tub. You can look online, in magazines, or draw a custom design on your own. You can then trace the design on a piece of wax paper with the shiny size of the paper facing the ceiling. Use a pencil when tracing the design and be sure that you make the image very bold so you can see it later.

Position the Design

Determine where you want the design to be placed on your tub and then hold the shiny side of the wax paper against the side of the tub. Be sure that you rub the paper lightly without moving it. When you pull the paper away, the image will have rubbed onto the tub.

Outline the Design

Use black epoxy paint and a small paintbrush to outline the image. This will ensure that you are able to create the design you want without any paint blending together accidentally. Be sure to take your time when outlining the design because you want the edges to be as bold and crisp as they can possibly be.

Paint the Design

Use different colors of epoxy paint to add details to the design. You want to be sure that you add the colored epoxy paint in light layers so that you do not have to worry about excess paint seeping into an area where you do not want to it to be. Allow the paint to dry for thirty minutes between layers to ensure that it doesn't drip down the tub.

Seal the Design

Once you have finished painting the tub, you need to apply a top coat of paint. There is a chance that water could leak down the sides of the tub from time to time and sealing the paint with a top coat of clear paint will ensure that the design looks as great as possible for as long as it can.

Once you have finished all of the steps, your painting will be complete. Be sure that you allow the top coat of paint at least 12 hours to dry to ensure that the paint is as protected as it can possibly be.   

For more information, or if you would like professional assistance, contact Tub Solutions Inc. or a similar company.