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2 Cool Tips For Keeping Your Fridge Running Strong

Nothing could be worse than a broken refrigerator. Even an under-performing fridge can be a hassle, driving up your monthly energy bill. Luckily, by developing a few good habits, you can keep your fridge running strong. For those who would like to learn more about refrigerator maintenance, this article will provide two valuable tips.

Defrost your freezer.

Did you open your freezer recently, only to notice that its interior walls were coated with a thick layer of frosty ice? Unless you have a self-defrosting freezer, this is a natural process--one that tends to happen so slowly we hardly notice. What you need to know is that frost-covered freezers take more energy to keep cool, while also allowing less space for food.

If your freezer is suffering from North Pole syndrome, it might be time to defrost. Begin by moving any items in the freezer to a well-insulated cooler, then unplug the freezer. From here the process is fairly simple: let the ice inside of the freezer melt. Because this can be a somewhat time-consuming process, many people choose to accelerate the melting process in one of several ways:

  • using a hairdryer
  • setting up a fan to help circulate warm air
  • placing bowls of boiling water inside the freezer
  • wiping the walls with a hot cloth

Whatever method you choose, there's one other thing you need to know before getting started. Many freezers contain a drainage hole, which usually leads to a hose at the bottom of the refrigerator. This system allows the melting water to drain. But unless you prepare yourself by guiding the hose to a bucket or bowl, you may end up with a wet floor.

Change your water filter.

Many newer refrigerators come equipped with a water dispenser. This convenient innovation allows you and your family to enjoy chilled drinking water literally at the push of a button. But in order to keep this system working, it is vital that you change the water filter approximately every six months. You may need to change it even sooner if you notice any of the following symptoms:

  • water is dispensing more slowly than usual
  • water tastes or smells strange
  • particulate matter in the water

There are two different styles of water filters: twist-on filters, and push-in filters. As their name would suggest, twist-on filters have a knob that is unscrewed to access the filter. Push-in filters, on the other hand, pop outward when you press on them. Consult your refrigerator manual for your water filter's location. Depending on your model, it may be located inside, on the back, or along the bottom of the fridge. Be sure to bring in your old filter when shopping for a new one, as it will make finding the correct replacement much easier. Visit for more info.