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Are Burglars Targeting Your Garage Door? Try These Solutions

If your garage door has been broken into or tampered with by a burglar, or your openers are missing, it's time to update your system. There are a few different things that may make it easier for a home intruder to get in through your garage door, and a garage door professional can make the necessary changes.

Someone could have taken the garage door openers out of your parked cars, even in daylight if you weren't in the front of the house, so you will need to have new openers programmed for your system. They could have also gotten in with the emergency release. Here is what you need to do.

Withhold the Release System

Don't leave the release string and handle dangling. An intruder can use a wire hanger or another device to pull the release down from the outside, which would allow them to life the door up easily. You can tape it, get a clip, or even zip tie the string to the door so you don't have to worry about it.

Add a Locking System

You can get a locking system so you have to put in a code to use the emergency release and so people aren't able to access the release from the outside of the home. The garage door opening professional can install the locking system, and you can get an alert if it's triggered so you know someone is using it.

Use Home Security

If you have a home security system, have the garage door repair and installation company come and wire the door to the system. You could also have the home security company do the work. You want to know if someone is using the opening system when no one should be at home, or if the door has been tampered with at any time.

If you think that someone has been getting into your home through your garage door, these are methods you can use to prevent it from happening again in the future. Thieves are coming up with more creative ways to break into homes, and your garage door is now a prime target for entry. You should also make sure that other entrances to the garage, like a man door, should have a dead bolt and a steel kick plate, so they can't kick the door in. You don't want them to break in and then open the garage door to remove large items from your home.

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