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More Than Just An Exterior Finish: Four Tips For Doing Outdoor Projects With Cedar Lumber

You may see cedar lumber used for many features on the exterior of homes, such as siding, trim, decks and even shake roofing. These are not the only things that cedar can be used for; you can also do things like make furniture, doors, and planters, and other woodworking projects. If you are just getting started working with wood, cedar is an excellent choice of material because it is a softwood that is very easy to work with. Here are four tips for doing outdoor projects with cedar lumber:

1. Building Your Own Cedar Garden Furniture Set

If you want to have your own garden furniture set, cedar lumber is a great choice of materials. You can create sofas, tables, and chairs for your garden furniture. A good way to do this is by creating lattice frames for all the pieces and making them uniform in design. Making a frame and then adding legs, armrests, and other features is a simple way to do this. Some cedar lumber suppliers may have kits to do some of these things, so you will only need to screw the pieces together.

2. Creating Trellises And Arbors For Landscaping

Trellises and arbors can also be a great addition to your landscaping. You can get cedar lumber of different dimensions to create the structures you want in your landscaping. It is a good idea to use a clear, marine-grade sealant to protect the cedar you use for these features.  To reduce costs, you can use larger lumber for the main beams and use lighter materials for the joists that make up arbors.  You can add trellises to the arbors using cedar lattice material for a nice finished look.

3. Simple Cedar Birdhouse For Outdoor Decoration

If you like animals and outdoor decorations, cedar birdhouses can also be a great addition to your home. This is something that you can do with leftover cedar materials from other projects. You can make boxes with the wood and then bevel edges on two pieces to make a roof. Using a hole-saw, cut a hole for birds to get in the box. You can also glue a wood dowel to the face for a perch for the birds. A good trick is to make the perch go through the wall so birds also have a perch inside the house.

4. Building Planters And Benches For The Garden

Planters and benches can also be very simple to make. You can use materials like cedar decking to make these things, and have them match deck and other features you have in your yard.  A nice-looking bench can have two planter boxes for the sides and a few decking boards as the seat.

If you want to get started doing some of these projects, contact a cedar lumber supplier such as Rocky Mountain Forest Products to get the materials you need.