Eco-Friendly Roofing Options

Update Your Outdated Home Wih Trending Overhead Lighting Options

If you live in an older home that has no overhead lighting, and you have to plug every light fixture into an outlet, call a local residential electrician and update your living space. There are many benefits to adding overhead lighting in the home, and there are some great trends you may want to follow.

Each room is going to have a different feel to it, and you may want to add different lighting. Here are a few lighting options to consider, and the electrician can let you know what will be easiest and best for each space.

Canned Lighting

For rooms that already feel tight or cramped, you may want to add canned lighting. This type of lighting isn't going to take up any space with head room, and it's a subtle way to add lighting. This is ideal to go over a fireplace, to use in a movie or theater room, and it's even good for a basement or family room. You may even want exterior canned lighting on a porch.


Adding a chandelier to your dining room, in a kitchen over an island or an eating area, and even in your entryway is a great way to include a dramatic accessory inside your home. This type of light is going to be heavier than a simple overhead lighting globe, so it's important to make sure that the light can be supported in that area. The electrician will let you know what areas in your home can support the chandeliers when they do the wiring.


Do you have table lamps in your bedroom that don't provide enough light for you to read in bed, or do you trip over lamps in your formal sitting area? Wall scones are a great way to add decor into the room, while providing the light that you need. These come in a variety of designs, and you can even get some that look like candles.

Talk with the electrician about putting dimmers on all of your lights, so you can control the amount of light that you need at that time. Using all of your outlets for lighting, and having a tangle of wires everywhere can be a real drag. Have an electrician from a company like Excel Electric Inc come to your home to do an estimate for the work that you want completed, and then pick out all of the lighting fixtures you are going to use throughout your living space.