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Achieve Better Life-Work Balance With Better Home Plans

Being a workaholic is a true addiction that is difficult to get over. Unlike other addictions that have support groups and programs, working isn't something that you can quit doing. Achieving life-work balance means that you must set up your life in a way that helps to create balance naturally. This can start with your home plans. If you tend to perform work from home or have a dedicated home office, set up your house plans in a way that will give your personal time away from your professional time. Professionals, such as those from South Florida Design, INC, can help you achieve this. 

Keep your work on a different floor

A multilevel home has become the norm in most areas. One of the best uses for a multilevel home in modern times is to separate the living area from workspaces. If you work from a dedicated home office, consider getting house plans to build a tri-level home. With a tri-level home, you can dedicate the third level as your workspace. All work should be kept within the span of the third floor only. If you would prefer a ranch style home, place the office on one of the furthest sides of the house. This will keep your workspace away from the rest of your living area.

Give the workspace a dedicated door

Either through the invention of fire escape stairs or through an exterior door, give the work area its very own entrance. A separate door will help two-fold while working at home. When working outside of the home, you must leave and enter through the door to your office. By leaving and having yourself and clients enter through your dedicated door, you can get in the mind frame of entering and exiting your workspace. This door will be your physical and mental entrance and exit workspace.

Camouflage your workspace

Instead of having the workspace prominent as you drive up to the home, make sure the workspace is camouflaged in with the rest of the home. From the exterior, make sure your home looks completely like a home. If you have an exterior workspace, such as on a balcony, help to cover it with flowers and bushes so that you cannot see the desks when you come home. Move all work away from the windows so that they are not on display from the street. Make sure that the first thing that you see when you come home is the beautiful house that you live in, not work that you have yet to complete.