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Consider A Barrel Heater For Your Farm's Water Transport Needs

Operating a farm comes with a great deal of responsibility. Some tasks are easy, others are more complicated. One of the more complicated tasks is delivering hot water around your farm. Whether you need the hot water for cleaning purposes or for treatment in your cow rehab area, this can be a struggle. Barrel heaters offer a solution. Barrel heaters are specialized devices that serve as a heated blanket that tightly wraps around the barrel of water to keep it warm. When choosing a barrel heater there are a couple things to look for.

Power Flexibility

Make certain you're taking the time to look at the power flexibility options offered by the barrel heater. The primary reason for purchasing this type of device is to have the convenience of easily heating up your water, with convenience being the keyword. If you have a unit that can only be plugged in to a traditional outlet, this isn't exactly the most convenient option.

You want to look for a barrel heater that has flexible power options so that you have flexibility when it comes to using the heater. Look for a heater that has been equipped with a 12 volt converter. With this addition, you can easily plug the barrel heater into a 12 volt power outlet inside a vehicle. This allows you to keep the water warm during transport, which is especially helpful. Without this type of addition, you would have to reheat the water once you arrived at your destination.


It's also important to look at the material. This is especially true if you will be storing or transporting your water barrels outside. While the inside components of most barrel heaters are the same, there are differences in the exterior material. Ideally, you want to choose a heavy-duty vinyl. Heavy-duty vinyl is a good choice for two reasons. First, it's highly durable. Thick vinyl is more difficult to tear or rip.

If you are frequently loading and unloading your water barrels from a truck, you have a reduced risk of damaging the heater in the process. Secondly, heavy-duty vinyl is also more weather resistant than other material selections. Since it is not absorbent, should it get wet, you don't have to worry about the internal components of the heater getting damaged. You also don't have to worry about mold or mildew growth since the vinyl is not absorbent.

Make certain you take the time to choose the right barrel heater for your water storage needs to get the best use out of it.