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The Glamour Of French Patio Doors With Improved Energy Efficiency: 3 Insulation Tricks That Make A Difference

French patio doors are not only elegant, but allow sunlight to penetrate into the room for a more welcoming environment. Unfortunately, French patio doors are perhaps one of the most energy inefficient options to choose from, as there is plenty of room for heat to escape. This shouldn't affect your decision to install French patio doors and liven up your room. With these 3 insulation tricks, you can get the glamour associated with installing French patio doors without having to worry about energy loss.

Insulate the Area Between the Doorframe and the Door

Expose the area between the doorframe and the door. There should be a small trench for you to fill in with insulation. Most experts recommend working with fiberglass for the sake of convenience and cost efficiency. You can press the fiberglass wool into the gap. The trick is to fill the insulation in loosely, so that it does not disrupt functionality.

Choose Double-Glazed Glass Panes

What would French patio doors be without the beautiful glass design? Instead of opting for single-glazed glass panes, pay extra for double-glazed alternatives where two glass panes are placed approximately 4 to 20 mm apart, and separated by an air chamber. The air chamber prevents heat exchange, which will improve the energy efficiency of the doors. Filling the air chamber with noble gases will also improve the overall energy efficiency rating of the doors.

Weatherstrip the Middle As Well as the Top and Bottom

Most homeowners tend to only weatherstrip the top and bottom of the doors; however, in the case of French patio doors, there is no harm in also installed weatherstrips to the middle where the separate parts of the doors meet. You can use just about any type of material; however, most experts recommend going for rubber or foam options, as they tend to prevent the most air leaks. You should delegate the installation of the weatherstrips to experienced and licensed professionals, as the measurements need to be exact for the doors to close properly without getting snagged.


French patio doors are glamorous and rightfully so; however, they do allow for a significant amount of heat to be exchanged with the outside environment. As a result, many homeowners have switched to solid doors. By implementing the 3 installation tricks mentioned above, you no longer have to hold back, and your home can look just as glamorous as you've always dreamed it to be, as the doors will be just as energy efficient as solid alternatives.