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Create A Small, Asphalt Play Area For Your Children To Enjoy

Create a small, asphalt play area in your yard for your children to spend time on with the following steps. Once you have completed the project, set up a portable basketball hoop, volleyball net, and hopscotch board for your children to enjoy when they spend time outside.


  • measuring tape
  • wooden stakes
  • spade 
  • trowel
  • tamping tool
  • crushed gravel
  • wooden beams
  • cold asphalt mix
  • wheelbarrow
  • asphalt float
  • portable basketball hoop
  • volleyball net
  • basketball and volleyball 
  • exterior spray paint
  • wooden blocks or small stones

Mark And Dig The Ground

Decide how large you would like the play area to be. Mark the corners of the area that you are going to use with wooden stakes. A measuring tape will help you keep the stakes lined up evenly. Measure the length and width of the marked section. Bring these measurements with you when you go to pick up the cold asphalt mix from a store so that you purchase enough. Use a spade to dig into the ground that is inside of the marked area. Dig down several inches and flatten the base of the play area with a tamping tool.

Place the flat, metal part of the tool directly on the dirt. Press down on the handle to compact the dirt. Move the tool throughout the entire section that has been dug out. Use a trowel to remove small amounts of dirt from the sides of the play area if they aren't straight.

Pour a thin layer of crushed gravel across the bottom of the play area. The gravel will help hold the cold asphalt mix in place and prevent it from cracking. Spread the gravel out evenly with the metal edge of the spade. Line the edges of the marked area with wooden beams so that the asphalt mix does not spill out over the edges in the next step.

Pour The Asphalt

Cold asphalt mix is ready to use and does not take as long to dry as asphalt products that need hot water added to them. Pour the mix into the back of a wheelbarrow and then into the play area. Continue to add asphalt to the play area until it is level with the property that surrounds it.

Move a asphalt float across the freshly poured asphalt to even it out and remove air bubbles. Wait several hours for the asphalt to dry. Press down along the edge of the asphalt with a stick to test how firm it is. If the asphalt does not move when you press on it, is is ready for you to walk upon. 

Set Up The Play Area

Place a portable basketball hoop on the asphalt. Set up a volleyball net on the other side of the play area. If your children are younger, they may enjoy playing hopscotch. Use exterior spray paint to create a board. After the board has been created, wooden blocks or small stones can be used as markers for the game. Your children will enjoy having their own, personal space to use outdoors to enjoy some of their favorite activities once you have completed this project. 

If you would like a professional-grade asphalt play area, contact a company like Star Paving.