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3 Reasons To Replace Your Water Heater With A Tankless Option

Replacing your water heater can really provide you and your family with a wide range of benefits, particularly if you replace it with a tankless water heater. A tankless water heater is an interesting type of water heater because it gets rid of the bulky water tank in favor of providing on-demand hot water.

This means that the tankless water heater begins heating water when a hot water faucet is turned on somewhere in the home. You should consider replacing a traditional water heater with a tankless option because it is safer for your home, is easier to install, and can ensure that you do not run out of hot water.

Safer For Your Home

One of the biggest risks associated with a traditional water heater is that the massive tank attached to it will begin to leak. Once that thing starts to leak, your home can sustain quite a bit of damage. For example, if your water heater leaks, you could flood a room and end up with shorted out wiring and sockets, warped floors, and even mold. 

Thankfully, a tankless water heater will help you avoid those risks since it does not have a tank at all. In most cases, if a tankless water heater leaks, it will be a minor leak from the pipe it is attached to.

Easier To Install

A tankless water heater is also going to be quite a bit easier to install if you are remodeling or building a home, mostly because it is going to be a lot easier to place. When installing a water heater, you will typically be greatly limited when it comes to placement options because there has to be enough room for the tank. However, since a tankless water heater is so small, you can place it in a lot more places and have it take up less room, which will let you use that extra space for something else.

Ensure That You Do Not Run Out Of Water

Finally, you really need to consider installing a tankless water heater if you have a large family. With a large family, it is extremely common for someone in the family to end up taking a cold shower because the hot water was used up by the rest of the household or having to wait for quite some time for the water to be replaced. 

A tankless unit helps you avoid those issues because there is no need to wait for a hot water tank to refill; you simply turn on the hot water faucet and wait a few seconds. Sure, the hot water is not instant with a tankless unit, but it is available in a much shorter amount of time than waiting for a traditional water heater to replenish its hot water supply.

Speak to a water heater technician today in order to discuss whether a tankless option is a good fit for your home. A tankless unit is a great option if you want to ensure that you always have enough hot water or if you want something that is easy to place and will not cause a lot of damage if it is damaged. Contact a company like Marv's Plumbing to get started.