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Got Old Windows? Give Them New Life With These 3 Creative DIY Projects

If you're schedule to have your windows replaced, you may want to start thinking about what you can do what the old ones once they are taken out. That's right; they don't have to be thrown in the garbage, as there are ways to reuse them. Here are three DIY ideas:

1. Window Turned Chalkboard

For this project, take the entire old window (assuming that the glass is not broken out of it) and cover the frame with painter's tape, or at least tape off the edges around the glass panes. You will then apply chalkboard paint to the glass (this usually comes in a spray). Add a second coat once the first coat is completely dry. Once the second coat is dry, remove the painter's tape. If you want, at this point, you can tape off the glass and paint the frame of the window. Alternatively, you can leave it as-is for a vintage or rustic look.

Something like this works great in many rooms and for multiple reason. For example, you could place one in the kids' room that outlines what chores they need to do for the day or things that they need to remember. You could place on in the kitchen for grocery list, schedules, memos, recipes, etc.

2. Christmas Décor with Bulbs

For this project, you can leave the glass panes in the window or take them out. If you leave the glass panes in, tape them off using painter's tape. Paint the frame of the window red, green, gold, silver—something festive, or a color that is going to match the bulbs that you use. If you have a skinny, four-pane window like the one in this picture, you will want to drill five holes above each glass pane. You will use these holes to hang your ornaments. Arrange your ornaments so that the same exact color isn't right next to each other.

3. Wedding Seating Chart

If you have an upcoming wedding, or you know someone that does, you could consider using your old windows as seating charts. All you need to do it paint the frame of the window a color that blends in with your wedding, grab a glass writing marker and start writing! The same idea could be used for menus as well.

If you plan on giving your old windows a new life, make sure you inform your window installer of this. This will ensure that they are careful with the removal process and won't destroy the windows once they are taken out. For more information, visit sites like