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How To Install Fiberboard Siding Anchor Pieces

Fiberboard siding is very popular because it is very cheap to install. In fact, many homeowners choose fiberboard because they can self-install it. This, of course, makes the remodel even more affordable. Fiberboard siding is not too hard to install because it is lightweight and modular. The most technical part of fiberboard installation is making sure you properly install the anchor pieces. This article explains how to best secure the fiberboard anchors.

What You Need

  • The fiberboard siding kit: this should include all of the siding, anchor and trim pieces.
  • Proper installation screws: the size and type of screws that you need to use depends on your particular brand of siding and the material of your existing sidewalls. For example, use wooden drywall screws for walls with wooden studs. Or, use masonry screws for concrete or brick sidewalls. Consult your kit instruction to make sure you use screws of the right length.
  • A studfinder: This is only really necessary for walls with studs. But, you need to make sure that your anchor screws are attached to the studs in the wall. If the screws do not hit the studs, the siding will not be securely fastened.
  • A level: It is important that your anchor pieces are level. If the anchor is slightly off, the entire wall will have crooked fiberboard.

Hanging the Anchor Pieces

The best way to make sure your anchor is level is to mark directly on the wall. You can draw a continuous line along the entire bottom edge of the anchor that goes across the entire wall. The anchor pieces will not go across the entire wall--there will be gaps. Even though the anchors will be spaced out, you should still draw the line all the way across. The level of the anchor will depend on your particular brand. The instructions will say quite clearly how far the anchor should be from the top of the wall. Double check the levelness of each piece after they are secured to the wall because they can shift during the tightening.

Once the anchor pieces are strongly secured to the wall, the rest of the siding will be very easy to hang. In fact, the fiberboard planks can snap together quite easily. Most fiberboard siding kits are made so no additional screws are need to attach the individual pieces. This makes the installation quite quick if you have a few helpers.

For more information, contact Side-Pro, Inc. or a similar company.