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3 Tips To Prevent Your Cat From Scratching Your Window Screens

There is something about window screens -- and the screens that are used on screened-in porches and screen doors -- that cats seem to love. Cats often claw at the screens and even try to climb them, which can obviously result in serious damage over time. You can hire a window screen repair company to come out and repair the damage, but you will probably want to keep your cat away from your screens in the future. Luckily, following these three tips can help.

1. Provide Somewhere Else to Scratch

If you encourage your cat to scratch something else, it might not claw at your screens much anymore. Consider offering a scratching post or a cat tree for your cat to climb on and scratch at. Even if your cat is outdoors, offering some type of scratching device can be worth it. If you aren't sure if your cat will pay the new scratching post or cat tree any attention, consider adding a bit of catnip to help pique its interest.

2. Discourage the Behavior with a Spray Bottle

Obviously, you can't watch your cat all the time to prevent it from scratching at your screens. However, if you do catch your cat participating in this behavior, you can use a spray bottle that has been filled with water to discourage it. Cats generally hate being sprayed with water and will discontinue what they are doing to get away from the spray, and your cat should eventually realize that it gets sprayed when it scratches at the screen. Another option is to use a can of air -- such as the ones that are sold in computer stores and are used to clean out keyboards and other dirty components -- for a harmless yet annoying experience for your cat.

3. Use a Deterrent Spray

Spraying a cat repellent on your screens can help keep your cat -- and any other cats in the neighborhood -- at bay. You can purchase these sprays at pet supply stores, or you can make your own. One recipe involves mixing a liter of water with 10 drops of lemon oil and 20 drops of eucalyptus oil. Since cats tend to dislike citrus, this spray can help make your screens a lot less appealing.

You don't have to continue dealing with your cat scratching your window screens. Instead, follow these three tips to help prevent this destructive behavior. Contact a screen service, like Roys Screen Service, to fix any damaged screens.