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Use Bricks And Masonry Cement To Construct A Fire Pit In Your Backyard

Use bricks and masonry cement to construct a fire pit in your backyard to enjoy cooking on throughout the summer and sitting by on nights that it is cool outdoors by completing the instructions below.


  • measuring tape
  • ground marking paint
  • rake
  • garden tiller
  • wheelbarrow
  • shovel
  • bricks
  • masonry cement
  • paint brush
  • firewood
  • barbecue grate
  • barbecue lighter
  • patio chairs
  • patio table

Measure, Mark, And Prepare The Ground

Select a location in your backyard that is not close to any structures that could accidentally catch on fire. Choose a piece of property that is level, as well. Use a measuring tape and ground marking paint to outline that area where you will be installing a fire pit. Rake up loose debris on the ground. Move a garden tiller across the marked section to loosen sod.

Place all of the materials that you have removed from the ground into a wheelbarrow and push them to a section of your property where they can conveniently be picked up by a waste removal company.

Secure The First Row Of Bricks

Purchase enough bricks, such as from Central Arizona Block, to create several rows that will be stacked on top of the outline that was created with the marking paint. Dig a shallow trench on top of the paint to set the first row of bricks in. Line up one brick in one of the corners and use a paintbrush to apply an even coat of masonry cement to the side of it that will be touching an adjacent brick. Continue lining up bricks, side by side inside of the trench and adhering them with masonry cement. Once the first row of bricks is installed, allow plenty of time for the cement to dry.

Install The Rest Of The Fire Pit And Set Up A Dining Area

Line up and secure a second row of bricks on top of the first row by using the same steps that were used to create the initial row. Add a third row of bricks in the same manner if desired. Wait for the masonry cement to dry. Place firewood in the center of the barbecue pit and lay a barbecue grate over the top of the pit, resting the side of it on each side of the pit. Set up a dining area nearby by arranging patio chairs and tables on the ground. 

When you would like to use the pit, light the firewood inside of it with a barbecue lighter. Cook meat, vegetables, or any other food items that you desire on top of the grate. Relax outdoors while eating the meal that you have prepared and warm up by the fire that is lit inside of the pit. When finished, douse the flames in the pit with a bucket of water.