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Tips For Installing A Tanning Bed In Your Home

If you enjoy tanning on a regular basis, you may find that it's more cost-effective for you to buy a tanning bed for your home. Before you buy, though, you'll need to have your house evaluated by an electrician to be sure you have the necessary electrical support for it. After all, tanning beds can put some demand on your home's power grid, so the more prepared you can be, the better. Here are a few of the things you should address.

Ask what kind of outlet you'll need. Most tanning beds won't work properly in a standard electrical outlet. That means you'll have to have a 220-volt outlet to power it. That's the same type of plug that you probably have for your clothes dryer or stove. Before you invest in a tanning bed, you'll want to be sure you understand exactly what kind of outlet it requires. Your electrician will help you install the new outlet if you need one since 220-volt outlets are usually minimal in most homes.

Stock up on some extra fuses. It's always a good idea to keep several sizes of fuses on hand. This ensures that you have a spare in the event that one happens to blow. Talk with your electrician about the largest fuse you can safely use in the system to keep your power circuit functional.

Consider installing a dedicated power circuit. In order for a tanning bed to function properly, it needs a reliable, consistent and steady supply of power. To ensure that, talk with your electrician about the possibility of installing a dedicated electrical circuit to provide power to the tanning bed. The dedicated circuit keeps the power supply from fluctuating when people use other appliances on the circuit. Installing a dedicated power circuit for the bed ensures that nothing else affects the power supply to the bed.

These are important considerations for installing and using a tanning bed in your house. Without these preparations, you might find that the bed doesn't operate the way that it is supposed to. If you want a consistent tan without damaging your electrical circuits, work with a local electrician to make sure your new bed is installed properly and safely. While you're at it, consider asking for a complete wiring inspection of your whole home. This may help the electrician spot problems that you didn't know were there. Things like this can be weaknesses that may cause your tanning bed to fail, so don't overlook this.