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Tips To Help Solve Your Drain Problem

Clogged drains create unhygienic conditions that encourage bacterial infestation around a home. They also cause odors that make a home uncomfortable to stay in. The good news is that most drain problems are easy to solve. The following are useful tips that will come in handy in helping you attain a bacteria-free and odor-free home.

Bathroom clogging problem

If the water in your bathroom takes too long to drain, the most likely source of this problem is a clogged drain stopper. The fact that these device has narrow openings makes it easy for hair binds, skin flakes and dirt to accumulate around it. It being the plumbing system's first line of defense against debris-invasion only makes it easy for it to be the first to get clogged. To solve this problem, simply remove the drain stopper and clean it. This should get the water flowing.

However, if a clean drain stopper doesn't restore the efficiency of your drains, you have to use the plunger to unclog it. For the best results, make sure that the overflow drain is blocked before using it. And if your bathroom problem persists, you are likely dealing with a clogged elbow joint. Having it removed and cleaned should do the trick.

Kitchen sink clogging problem

When you pour grease down your kitchen sink, it solidifies and sticks on the walls of your drain pipes. It also serves as a sticking surface for any food particles and other debris that may find its way into your kitchen drains. Add to this the continuous introduction of soap scum and you have an easy-to-get-clogged kitchen drainage system.

If your kitchen sink is clogged, start by pouring hot water down the drain. The hot water will cause most of the grease and oils to melt. This will not only reduce the amount of solid grease on your walls, but will also deny dirt, food particles and other debris a place to stick on. These loose particles will then get washed away by the sheer force of the moving water.

If the use of hot water doesn't work, pour salt and baking soda down your kitchen sink drainage and then give them time to act on the gunk that is causing the blockage. After a couple of minutes, pour hot water down the drain. And if this doesn't work, then you likely have an object obstruction. To get rid of this object, which may be hair or any debris that has fallen into your system, simply unbend an old metal wire hanger and then use it to remove any large objects from your drain.