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5 Tips For Designing Your Dream Deck

You're planning a deck, either as part of a new build or a remodel project for your existing house. You already know its main purpose — to facilitate your enjoyment of the outdoors. However, approaching its design may not be as clear. The following tips will help you design your dream deck.

Start with a Composite Base

Naturally the foundation of your deck is the flooring. An ideal material for your deck is composite. Typically made of recycled board, composite decking is a green solution. Manufactured to resemble wood, composite decking is pretty low maintenance. With only the occasional wash down, a composite deck will last for years; according to This Old House, most warranties are 25 years. Conversely, wood decks are more involved to install, and you must re-stain them regularly.

Consider the View

When you're planning the placement of your deck, consider what you'll be looking over when you're on it. You want to be able to see a pretty vista, not the neighbor's yard. If the latter is inevitable, consider how to solve the problem. For example, you could plan fencing or landscaping that at least partially obscures your view of the neighboring yard.

Add Privacy

In that vein, you'll want to make sure you're not on display when you're enjoying your deck. One option is to have built-in screening. This can come in the form of lattice screens, which can even double as plant hangers. You can also have privacy screening installed. If you don't want to feel closed off, consider careful placement of a sun umbrella and landscaping. The combination of the two can help you feel screened but not secluded.

Include Seating

Of course, you're going to want to sit around on your deck. As part of your floor plan, consider including built-in seating. This can be around a deck amenity, such as a hot tub or fire pit. Conversely, you can design the built-in seating so you'll be overlooking your view. Design-wise, consider banquet seats. These feature wells that you can use as storage. Either way, buy pretty cushions to make your lounging experience more enjoyable.

Designate Spaces

If you're planning a large deck, you'll want to designate spaces. So, you should set up a definite space for cooking with countertops, storage, and, of course, the grill. The dining area should be close but somewhat separate so the spaces don't become too busy. Any lounging spots should be farther away and possibly screened so they feel relaxing even if others are cooking.

Contact professionals like Decks-Decks-Decks to come up with a plan that best facilitates your outdoor living, then watch your ideal deck become a reality!