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Options For Repairing Your Leaky Gutters

Leaky gutters don't do their job of protecting your home from water damage. If water leaks through the troughs or pours over the sides during a heavy rain, then you'll want to have repairs done as soon as you can, especially if it's the rainy season. The gutter repair service might recommend that you get new gutters if yours are old and in bad shape, but in some cases, repairs might be possible. Here are some repairs that might keep your gutters from leaking.

Caulk Loose Seams

If your gutters are old, the adhesive along the seams where sections join together might be wearing out. This allows water to drip through the seam. If you see this happening, you should have the seams repaired as soon as you can to prevent the troughs from moving out of alignment or falling away from the house. Repairing the seams is a matter of clearing out leaf debris that might be stuck in the gaps and then applying caulk on both sides of the seams to close them.

Patch Holes

If you have steel gutters, they may develop rust spots that eat through the troughs. If the gutters are in bad shape, they may need to be replaced, but if there are only a few holes, they might be repaired by patching them. This can be done with plastic roofing cement. A big hole might require placing a small piece of metal over the hole and sealing it in place with the cement.

Clear Out Dams

If the trough is clogged with a bird's nest or wad of damp leaves, rain won't be able to drain properly and it will leak over the sides. This problem has an easy fix. Clean out the gutters taking care to flush water through the system to push leaves out of the downspout. Once the dam is clear, water should flow smoothly through the troughs, but you'll want to check it by running water through the gutters with a hose.

Fix Sagging

Another reason water leaks over the side of the gutter troughs is when they sag. This happens when they pull loose from the hangers or the hangers pull out of the wood. When the troughs start to sag water will pool in the gutters and get heavy enough to pull the hangers out even more. If you don't have the sagging gutters repaired in a timely manner, the troughs could eventually fall away from your house and need more extensive repairs. Sagging gutters can be repaired by tightening the hangers, replacing missing hangers, and repositioning the troughs on the hangers taking care to maintain the proper slope for drainage.

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