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Want To Donate Time And Equipment For Clean Water? Here's How

Over ninety-nine (99) percent of the water on Earth cannot be used by humans for consumption. That is an astounding fact when you look at a globe and see so much water, but almost all of it is unfit to drink. This is why it is so vital for people to have access to clean, healthy drinking water. Unfortunately, in many developing countries, potable water is at a premium. If you own and operate a water-well-building company, you can do more than build wells for people at home. You can contribute time and equipment to build wells for the impoverished nationally and internationally. Here is how.

Water on Reservations

Some Native American Reservations do not have access to city water. Tribes in desert states are especially at risk for not having potable water. Often, Native American charities send up requests for companies like yours to help dig new wells for these Native American families. Well water is all they have, but when they do not have water and they do not have the money to dig a new well, they need your charitable assistance to gain access to the the water they need.

Water in the Appalachians 

People living in the Appalachian Mountains spend hours trying to find uncontaminated sources of water. Even when they find a clean water source, they still have to collect enough to last a long time. The poorest of these families have it the hardest, since gathering enough water for anywhere from three to fourteen or more children is a monumental task. While you cannot build wells high up on the mountainsides, you can build community wells in the valleys closest to where many of these families live.

Water in Developing Countries

Getting water in Africa, India, and parts of the Middle East is a dangerous business. Many young girls are sent for miles to fetch water, carrying water jugs on their heads daily. Along the way they could be attacked and/or raped.

Still, they have to reach a watering hole that is filthy and might contain contaminants that would make them and their entire families sick. They lack companies like yours that can drill for water, build wells, and find more underground sources of water when they need it. If you are willing to incur the expense, you can join forces with international clean water charities. You, a few employees, and some equipment are flown to a specific country for one week to help build a well for a community in need.

For more information, contact local professionals like those found at Jackson Well Services.