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3 Essential Reasons To Consider Installing A Chain Link Fence

Do you need to fence in your property because you're tired of people walking across your lawn and damaging your garden plants? Have you been debating with yourself exactly which fence material is the best one to use? There is not really one material that is objectively better than any other when it comes to making fences, but there is one that comes close: chain link. Chain link has the following advantages over other materials that you may not have considered.

Changing privacy concerns: With no fence at all in place, anyone nearby can see what's happening on your property. Since chain link is made out of metal wires, you may also think that the same will be true of this kind of fence. However, you can have a variety of slats installed in the links to block the view. If you want more privacy, you can install a second layer of slats going the other way. Unlike other types of fences, you can change your mind after the fence has been installed without having to put in a whole new fence. Due to this ability, chain link is great for privacy. While it doesn't block sound, it can block as much or as little visually as you're wanting.

Durability: The durability of a fence is, or should be, a major concern before installation. A wooden fence is quick and easy to put up but can rot or be damaged fairly easily.  A brick or block fence is slow to put up but can be quite durable. Both of these types of fences may require replacing large sections or even the whole fence when damage does occur. With chain link, you'll find that it's quite durable, resisting rust and corrosion. It's also installed relatively easily. If you do need chain-link fence repair, this can be an extremely inexpensive process where only a small section needs work or to be replaced.

Cost: Wooden fences are popular because they are cheap to install, but they are also, as already discussed, easily damaged and may need to be replaced relatively frequently. Block fences, due to the amount of materials involved and the labor needed, can be an expensive proposition for some people. Chain link is, again, roughly in between these two options. The materials are not necessarily cheap, but the fence can be installed quickly by a professional, cutting down on labor costs. Instead of having to replace a wooden fence every few years, chain-link fence repair is rarely going to be necessary. Once you average out the expected costs over a decade or two of use, chain link becomes an extremely affordable option.