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Having A Land Title Survey Perform On A Real Estate Lot

Having an accurate understanding of the boundaries for a particular piece of property can be a surprisingly difficult and complicated task. As a result, it is a common situation for individuals to be poorly informed when they are needing to retain the services of a land survey provider for the first time.

Does The Size Of The Lot Or The Presence Of Obstacles Complicate The Survey Process?

The costs and time involved with conducting a land title survey are often some of the most important factors for homeowners that are needing this work done. Generally, the size of the lot will be one of the most determinative factors in both the costs and time involved with surveying the property. Additionally, the presence of any major obstacles, such as streams or rivers can further complicate this process. Luckily, land survey providers can conduct an initial assessment so that they can provide a quote as to the costs of surveying the property's boundaries as well as the expenses that it will require.

Why Should A Land Title Survey Be Done Before Any Real Estate Transaction?

Individuals will often fail to appreciate the complexity of property boundary lines. Violating these lines can be extremely costly, as it can result in being liable for any damages done to the property along with punitive fines. Sadly, individuals will often have an inaccurate understanding as to their property's actual boundaries. This can make it difficult when selling the property as they may inadvertently attempt to include a portion of a neighboring lot. These surveys are designed to allow for these issues to be found before the transaction is finalized, which will ensure the buyer has an accurate understanding as to what they are purchasing.

What If Discrepancies Are Discovered During The Survey?

During the process of having their property surveyed, it can be a common outcome for individuals to find that there are discrepancies in their understanding of the property's boundaries with the legal boundaries. In some situations, it may be revealed that a portion of the property that you have been using for years may not actually be included with your lot. If these discrepancies are discovered, individuals should likely retain an attorney. While this can be an unpleasant surprise from these surveys, it will always be better to discover this issue as soon as possible so that you can have more options for resolving the misunderstanding in a favorable manner.

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