Eco-Friendly Roofing Options

Not-So-Smart Things People Do To Their Roofs

You want to know your roof is going to continue to protect you, your family, your belongings, and your house. However, you aren't going to be able to expect the level or problem-free protection you would hope for if you keep doing things to the roof that can cause damages or other issues that can be bad for the integrity of the roof. Read here to learn about some of the dumb things people do to their roofs that you want to make sure you aren't doing to yours.

Ignoring the gutters

As long as the leaves and twigs haven't come to the point where they are obviously overflowing from the gutters, there are a lot of people that will ignore the gutters as long as possible. However, this is a bad thing to do because it can lead to damage to the eaves, the wall of the home's exterior, and the roof. If you end up with damaged gutters or eaves, then you want a roofer to come repair those things quickly to avoid more things like water damage.

Cleaning the roof with a power washer

Cleaning the roof with a power washer may seem like a brilliant idea, and some people likely find themselves wondering why more people aren't doing it. Well, the reason is that using a power washer to clean a roof is a very bad thing to do. The force of the water that comes out of the power washer can lead to erosion issues with the roof. You can hire a roofer to clean the roof the right way.

Lifting roofing material in search of leaks

Sometimes when a person sees proof of a roofing leak inside their home they go up on the roof to search for the location of the leak. They don't see anything wrong in the area where the water appears to be coming from, so they start pulling up shingles to look for the leak. For one thing, the leak can be coming from a whole other part of the roof because it can run along areas in the attic before ever coming out of the ceiling. For another, this act is damaging your roofing and will need to be fixed by the roofer anyway, so just call the roofer to find the leak!

Walking on the roof

Some people like to hang out on their roof. They may like the feeling of being so high off the ground or they may find any number of reasons with regards to what it is they like about the rooftop. However, the more you walk on your roof, the more damage you will be doing. Roofing materials were designed to withstand things roofs normally endure, like rain and snow. They were not designed for people to walk on, and you will knock a lot of the granules loose and cause other materials to become loose or damaged in other ways. If you end up damaging the roof, call the roofer and stay off the roof!

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